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Touchtone Financial Group Holdings Limited was registered in United Kingdom which acted as Special Management  and Advisory Company to  provide the one stop Financial Services Solutions for the whole Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited platform. 

Touchstone is using Alliance Partners¡¯s license which called  AdviCorp Plc which is an asset and fund manager regulated by FSC , which is expected to be used as a platform to carry out all the asset management and corporate finance advisory activities related to the Fund which become the the whole fund of fund control platform .

Touchtone Financial Group Holdings Limited will Engaged Sub-Fund manager who will co-manage the Fund with the world leading company involved in the investments. 

Touchtone Financial Group Holdings Limited will deploy the required professional profiles to ensure the expected return form the investments, and will ensure a fluid communication among all parties involved.

Touchtone Financial Group Holdings Limited is a leading financial services company providing tailor-made, one-stop financial service solutions to investors, with extensive track-record in (i) equity investments involving international investors; (ii) debt structures, involving banks and guarantors; EPC contracts, thanks to its established links to global leading company ; international M&A and insurance guarantee agreements, thanks to its partnership with international insurance brokerage Ed Broking  . Touchstone also provides and implements effective exit strategies such as IPOs, bond issues or trading sales.

Touchtone signed JV agreements with global leading fund management services to deliver excellence throughout the investment and management process (due diligence, investment monitoring, risk management, etc. ).

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