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TouchStone Financial Group Holdings Limited (TFGH) is registered in the United Kingdom where a strong professional leadership team acts as the Special Management and Advisory Company to a network of TouchStone Capital partners. The UK team directs One-Stop Financial Service Solutions with advice on investment structure, insurance wrap, exit strategy, equity, debt-funding arrangement, liquidation assistance, as well as project and operational Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPCs).

In the EU, UK, and HK, TFGH holds Partnership and Joint Venture regulated licenses and a staff of fully-licensed asset and fund managers who carry out corporate asset management and financial advisory activities. Additionally, an engaged Sub-Fund Manager oversees investment funds under scaled projects and the fund pool. These teams are supported by project management professionals who ensure fluid communication between all interested parties to achieve the expected return on investment.

TFGH is a leading special financial services company providing creative tailormade, One-Stop Financial Service Solutions to global investors with an extensive track-record in:
 Global equity investments.
 Debt structuring involving banks and guarantors.
 Investment banking for bond insurance.
 Insurance wrap service
 All-encompassing aspects of Corporate finance

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