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With the One Belt, One Road initiative, the Chinese government is making infrastructure and development investments in 152 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. It¡¯s one of the most ambitious projects ever endeavoured and it envisions deploying trillions of dollars for projects around the world. In anticipation of this massive investment undertaking, TouchStone Capital Group has formulated an all-encompassing strategy to safely and securely deploy funds and have partnered with Ed Broking Insurance Brokers to assist with the preparation and placement of the requisite insurance Packages for each project, which is a very important aspect of the Touchstone Capital Group Investment model.

As part of TouchStone Capital Group¡¯s plan to provide one-stop financial service solutions, each and every project is covered by any and all possible contingencies faced throughout the duration of the process until completion. Ed Broking assist with the review and placement of all the Project risks associated with each project on an individual basis.

Each individual project has a unique set of needs and Touchstone Capital Group and Ed Broking begin by carefully analyzing appropriate solutions and work to implement them from inception to completion. This ensures the safety and security of all parties concerned.
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