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TouchStone Capital Group Holdings Limited began with an idea to create one-stop financial solutions between China and the rest of the world by connecting and consolidating financial and industrial platforms. Specifically, TouchStone has a unique position as the only and leading platform linking Chinese and international investors to tailormade One Belt, One Road financial solutions. The Group¡¯s core strength is rooted in two position pools, a Project Pool and a Capital Pool, which tightly combine industry and financial support to balance and secure project investments.

For over a decade, TouchStone Capital Group built and developed close relationships with several Chinese State-Owned-Enterprises (SOEs) and leading international financial groups. Together, with countries across the globe, from eastern and western Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, CIS, Australia, and greater China, we¡¯ve generated more than $30 Billion (USD) in current and ongoing projects. This includes signed partnerships with leading international pension funds, infrastructure funds, and financial groups to ensure collective support behind potential projects and both fund pools.

Through TouchStone Capital Group¡¯s strong professional teams, we¡¯ve created mutually beneficial alliance partnerships with international construction firms, banking institutions, financial holding groups, insurance companies, and other industries. However, TouchStone¡¯s principle strength is found in its strategic partnerships with Chinese SOEs as well as numerous leading global insurers. This enables TouchStone Capital Group to provide all-encompassing financial solutions with tailormade insurance policy brokerage services to mitigate risks and protect investments.

To truly be a ¡°One-Stop Shop,¡± TouchStone Capital Group offers a comprehensive expertise in fund and asset management, insurance brokerage, international investment banking, and financial advisory services. These services are reinforced by our international network of close relationships with global leaders and associates within the banking, fund management, and insurance sectors.

Within China, Touchstone Capital Group has a network of professional partners including, highnet-worth individuals, major private corporations, SOEs, trust companies, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, and finance houses. Internationally, Touchstone connects these groups to an established and widespread network of professional partners and trusted advisers covering the United Kingdom, Balkan countries, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North & South America, Asia Pacific, Greater China, and the Caribbean countries. To best serve our international clients, TouchStone has directors and associated partners located within each of these places.

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